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Help build brighter futures

Transform students' lives

By providing high-quality in-school tuition, Learning Hive ensures that all children have the chance to reach their full potential by helping every child get the education they deserve.
Enrich Lives
Improve the lives of the younger generation by giving all students access to quality, tailored, one-to-one tuition to help them to excel.
Broaden Horizons
Give children the time and space they need to discover their potential and take the necessary steps to realise their dreams.
Share Successes
Revolutionise a child’s education - seeing the difference you can make to a young person’s life is socially, ethically and morally satisfying.
Shape Futures
Help to develop intelligent, responsible, courteous future leaders, by funding access to world-class education for all young people.
Transform Outlooks
Partner with Learning Hive to fundamentally transform a student’s attitude to learning, resulting in phenomenal achievements.
Impart Knowledge
Share your expertise and ignite a passion for success, not only academically but personally and professionally.
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Make a difference to students' lives

Join our passionate team of partners and supporters who believe in our mission to bring world-class, bespoke private tuition to all students.

Change is the end result of all true learning

You have the power to make a life changing difference for children.

Working in harmony with schools

Committed to excellence

Our expert tutors strive to raise aspirations and realise the full potential of every student, developing happy, productive and inspired young people.
“In the recent GCSE mock exams for Maths, I was able to surpass my targeted grade.”
Wapping High School
“The Learning Hive is a company that truly values quality teaching that is accessible to students of all backgrounds.”
Learning Hive Tutor
“My children really enjoyed attending their tuition. I can see a big progression from my little one”
School 21
Shape futures

Giving is so much more empowering than receiving.

Seeing the immediate difference you can make to a young person’s life is socially, ethically and morally rewarding.

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Make a difference

By partnering with Learning Hive, you can fundamentally transform a young person's life. Offer opportunities for students to realise their goals and ambitions, ultimately transforming their attitude to learning and beyond.

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