Distributing Over 330 Devices to Disadvantaged Children!

Throughout lockdown, Learning Hive partnered with Association of Muslim Schools (AMS) to distribute digital devices to disadvantaged children.

Our efforts were fuelled by Barnardo's See, Hear, Respond Programme which offered both academic support and health and well-being sessions to families during the pandemic.

What was our motivation?

In a time where the digital divide has never been more prevalent, we wanted to do our part for society so we're extremely proud to have distributed over 330 digital devices across London to help children and families access vital support. Not only did we provide digital devices to homes, we also ensured that those living in digital poverty had Internet access by providing EE dongles.

This enabled children to partake in online educational sessions (both with Barnardo's and their school) and also engage in fun, entertaining and interactive workshops which have brought drama, science and mental health awareness into households across the country.

Samsung LED monitors waiting for distribution
Samsung LED monitors waiting for distribution

What devices did we distribute?

We also equipped some children with A4Tech webcams and Manhattan headsets so they could participate fully in online sessions, truly immersing themselves in all that was on offer. Not to mention Raspberry Pi personal computer kits and Lenovo laptops which gave students the chance to engage in online educational activities.

A collection of devices for distribution
A collection of devices for distribution

Amongst the distributed devices were Asus laptops, Vodaphone tablets, Huawei phones and recycled apple and android tablets. All of these items are daily commodities for many but for those who don't ordinarily have access, they can be life-changing.

Without these, hundreds of families would still be struggling to access the support they so desperately needed.

How do we support families and young people?

Learning Hive recognises the value of education and mental health and works tirelessly to ensure that every child is given an equal opportunity to access outstanding educational support in the form of tuition services and after-school provision.

Our funding model means that schools can access our services completely free of charge and most parents are eligible for either heavily subsidised rates or 100% funding based on individual circumstances. Why not find out which one you're entitled to? It only takes 5 minutes to complete our questionnaire!

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