DfE-funded catch up sessions to deliver targeted interventions

School-Led Tuition & National Tuition Programme
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NTP & SLT partners

Why choose Learning Hive?

With over 40 partners across the UK, our core prgramme has seen unparalleled success.
Join 40+ schools
Delivered holiday camps in Enfield, Hackney, Barking & Dagenham, Brent, Tower Hamlets & Havering.
London council
We delievered a programme to 3,000+ students on behalf of the UK’s largest children’s charity.
Barnardo’s partner
An experienced NTP and Student-Led Tuition partner - maximise your DfE funding and student support.
DfE approved NTP
We take our responsibility as childcare provider seriously - all of our tutors are safeguard trained.
Our maths booster sessions at the Teviot Centre saw students excel at an impressive pace.
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National Tuition Programme

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School-Led Tuition

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Official NTP partner, delivering bespoke tuition packages

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What is the National Tuition Programme?

National provision

State-funded schools will receive NTP funding over the course of the 2022 to 2023 academic year to deliver tuition to their pupils. This funding is paid in termly instalments and covers 60% of the unit cost of tuition.
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Competitive rate from £6-12 per hour!

Affordable tuition

As an NTP partner, we deliver bespoke tuition sessions for a fraction of the cost of private tuition. Contribute just 40% of Learning Hive’s fee using Pupil Premium (PP) or other core school budgets, making per student costs just £6-12 per hour dependent on staffing ratio.
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Why apply for Learning Hive to be your NTP partner?

60% funding

Access heavily discounted tuition rates by securing 60% of the costs through the DfE’s catch up funding.

15 hours per student

Dedicate a 15-hour block towards catch up activities and support in core subjects for each child.


Funding is available for tuition from Year 1 to Year11, supporting those who need it most.
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How it Works

  • Identify pupils for 15-hour tutoring blocks
  • Select Learning Hive as your NTP Partner
  • Agree an intervention plan with Learning Hive
  • Begin a 15-hour block, with regular feedback
  • Pay 40% of costs - 60% covered by DfE grant

How to make the most of NTP

Find out how our NTP provision supports schools.
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Cover 60% of tuition costs with the school-led tuition scheme

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What is School-Led Tuition?

National provision

State-funded schools and academies receive extra funding, termed ‘catch up funding’. Each school will receive funding to cover 60% of the cost of school-led tutoring up to £18 per pupil. Packages start at a minimum of 15 hours per student.

£7.20 per student, per hour!

Affordable tuition

Learning Hive charges £18 per student, per hour, meaning the DfE will cover £10.80 of the cost. Schools will be required to contribute the remaining £7.20 from pupil premium or other core school budgets.
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Why apply to Learning Hive for your School-Led Tutoring?

60% funding

Access heavily discounted tuition rates by securing 60% of the costs through the DfE’s catch up funding.

Unlimited hours

Dedicate as many hours as you need to each student. We recommend a minimum of 15 hours.


Funding is available for tuition from Year 1 to Year11, supporting those who need it most.
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Use your catch up funding wisely!

Funding must-knows!

Unused government grants will be reclaimed at the end of the academic year so make the most of this support!

Flexible allocation of your catch up grant

You choose...

Schools can choose between using internal teaching staff or sourcing local tutors - let Learning hive do the hard work for you!
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Partnering with Learning Hive as your School-Led Tuition Provider

  • Identify pupils you wish to receive tuition
  • Partner with us as your provider
  • Agree an an intervention plan with Learning Hive
  • Begin tuition sessions, in small groups of 1:4
  • Pay just 40% of costs - 60% will be DfE funded

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours can a pupil be offered through NTP?

Tuition is delivered in 15 hour packages but there is no limit to the number of tutoring packages that can be offered to the same pupil. A pupil's progress may have been impacted in more than one subject area. Schools are best placed to make these decisions.

How do I choose Learning Hive as my delivery partner?

Simply head to: https://www.find-tuition-partner.service.gov.uk/, add your postcode, select the subjects you'd like support with then choose Learning Hive from the delivery partners list.

What are the costs to my school for NTP provision?

NTP provision is 60% government funded so your school only needs to cover the remaining 40% of costs.

Does Learning Hive provide student impact reports?

Yes. Our tutors run baseline assessments in their first sessions with students to get an understanding of their current abilities. From here, we plan and deliver bespoke sessions, closely monitoring progression and reporting the impact of our targeted interventions to your school.

What extra workload will be placed on my teaching staff?

Your staff need to simply identify the students you wish to provide tuition for and we'll do the rest. It's helpful to gain some insight from teaching staff into the student's areas for development which will be discussed in the planning stage of our collaboration.

Are Learning Hive representatives DBS checked and Safeguarding trained?

Yes! All Learning Hive staff hold an enhanced DBS and are Level 2 Safeguarding trained.

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