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Summer School 2021 HAF partnership

Learning Hive ran a 4-week programme at Brimsdown Primary School for all eligible children living in the Enfield community. Our programme provided opportunities for health and wellbeing activities including cooking and sports.
young boy at summer school getting help on his maths work from a tutor

Encouraging creativity

Our arts and crafts workshops, run by Barkingside Arts Club, focused on sharing positivity. Students made posters about the favourite hobbies, interests, places, people and foods, spreading positive messages far and wide.
There were some beautiful creations - it's safe to say we had some budding artists amongst us!

A focus on health & wellbeing

Partnering with Crafty Chefs, we brought cooking sessions to Brimsdown Primary, getting the children involved in making their own healthy, tasty snacks!
We made fruit smoothies, breadsticks, hummus and so much more. They went down a treat!
girl on running track during sports day at summer school

Who we supported

Free School Meals
Children in receipt of FSM were invited to our summer school programme, completely free of charge.
KS1 & KS2
Primary school students were given the opportunity to get involved to support reintegration into education.
Students who lived within a 5km radius of Brimsdown Primary School in Enfield were invited to take part.

Partnering with organisations to bring engaging and inspiring opportunities to children

Our Impact



We helped 250 children each week to build their confidence, socialise with peers and engage with academic and creative tasks through our workshops.


Free School Meals

We distributed thousands of free school meals to ensure students had healthy, fulfilling lunches to set them up for the afternoon's activities.



We partnered with Brimsdown Primary School to offer our 4-week summer school programme to KS1 and KS2 children in the Enfield area.

“The whole programme was inspiring, engaging and motivating for our children and definitely one that has been worthwhile."

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