Did you know schools can apply for both NTP provision & school-led tutoring!
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What is the National Tuition Programme?

The NTP is a national initiative that supports disadvantaged students through catch up tuition with the aim of bridging the widening attainment gap caused by Covid-19’s disruption to education. Funding is provided by the DfE to cover 70% of costs to schools.
Affordable tuition for schools

Funded tuition sessions for students

As an NTP tuition partner, we deliver bespoke tuition sessions on a 1:1 or 1:3 basis for a fraction of the cost of private tuition. Your school will only need to contribute 30% of Learning Hive’s tuition costs.
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Why apply for after-school tuition through the National Tutoring Programme?

70% funding
Access heavily discounted tuition rates by securing 70% of the costs through the DfE’s catch up funding.
15 hours per student
Dedicate a 15-hour block towards catch up activities and support in core subjects for each child.
Funding is available for tuition from Year 1 to Year11, supporting those who need it most.
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How it works

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Identify pupils for 15-hour tuition blocks
Log into your NTP Tuition Hub
Select us as your NTP Partner
Share data through the secure portal
Agree an intervention plan with us
Begin your 15-hour block
Receive regular feedback on progress
Pay just 30% of the costs!

Why choose Learning Hive as your National Tuition Partner?

Progress Reporting
We deliver more than just tuition. We track and assess pupil progress, reporting to parents.
Quality & Value
As one of the most affordable providers, we deliver incredible value for money.
Experienced Tutors
Our tutors are trained and qualified, ensuring every session and resource is carefully planned.

How to make the most of NTP

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