Did you know schools can apply for both school-led tutoring and NTP provision?
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Cover 75% of tuition costs with the school-led tuition grant

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National provision

What is School-Led Tuition?

During the academic year 2021-22, state-funded schools and academies will receive extra funding, termed ‘catch up funding’. Each school receive an additional £203 for 60% of their Pupil Premium pupils. The funding will cover 75% of the cost of school-led tutoring up to £18 per pupil, per hour, unit cost.
Affordable tuition for schools

Funding makes tuition £4.50 per student!

Learning Hive charges £18 per student, per hour, meaning the DfE will provide £13.50 per hour - that’s 15 hours per student covered by their £203 allocation. Schools will be required to contribute the remaining £4.50 from other budgets such as the recovery premium or pupil premium.
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Why apply to Learning Hive for your School-Led Tutoring?

75% funding
Access heavily discounted tuition rates by securing 75% of the costs through the DfE’s catch up funding.
Unlimited hours
Dedicate as many hours as you need to each student. We recommend a minimum of 15 hours.
Funding is available for tuition from Year 1 to Year11, supporting those who need it most.
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Support for Pupil Premium students

Use your catch up funding wisely!

Unused government grants will be reclaimed at the end of the academic year so make the most of this support! Whilst you are expected to prioritise disadvantaged and vulnerable students who have been most affected by covid-19’s disruption to education, you can also select pupils who you feel would benefit from additional support.
Support for Pupil Premium students

Flexible allocation of your catch up grant

Schools can choose between using internal teaching staff, sourcing local tutors or giving their students access to online tutoring. Funding is automatic, but schools will be required to complete reporting in the form of this tracker, for the Department for Education which demonstrate how funds are being spent.
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Why choose Learning Hive as your School-Led Tuition partner?

Progress Reporting
We deliver more than just tuition. We track and assess pupil progress, reporting to parents.
Quality & Value
As one of the most affordable providers, we deliver incredible value for money.
Experienced Tutors
Our tutors are trained and qualified, ensuring every session and resource is carefully planned.

Partnering with Learning Hive as your School-Led Tuition Provider

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Identify pupils to receive tuition
Partner with us as your provider
Agree an intervention plan
Begin 1:1 tuition or small groups of 1:4
Pay just 25% of costs
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